We plan to to roll out a number of events across the country each year. The number, type and location will - to a large extent - be dependant on the efforts of our supporters - existing and new.

The list of what can be done is limited only by the extent of your imagination and stamina!

Get Involved

It is frightening how something as innocuous as heartburn/indigestion/reflux can potentially have such far reaching implications for those who are then found to suffer from Barrett's, and even more so for those who go on to develop cancer especially when it is relatively easy to detect, monitor and treat in its early stages.

We are increasingly dismayed by the number of stories of those dying from cancer where greater awareness - detection and treatment could so easily have prevented the situation. Sadly we are seeing an increase in the number of deaths of people in their thirties and forties.

We are dedicated to making a difference to secure change and with your help - and every little helps - we will achieve it.

We not only need money to help achieve our aims but to build up a network of like minded individuals throughout the country to help make a difference in their area as well as nationally.

We aim to help not only sufferers, but their families and loved ones on whom they depend. There are so many varying ways in which your support is needed and can help to make a difference.

Here are examples of just a few:-


Whilst a single donation - of whatever amount - is always welcome perhaps you could give us a regular donation through payroll giving, by standing order or by remembering Heartburn Cancer UK in your will – your contribution would be very much appreciated and could make a vital difference.


As a small charity, we rely on the generosity of the public and our supporters to help us fund our work. Perhaps you could take part in a sponsored fundraising event or organise an event. It does not have to be big or complicated - a coffee morning - beard growing - walking, the list is only limited by your own imagination and ability.


As we, or our supporters, are able to organise events - why not take part. Please keep looking at our web site for details - or why not register so we can send details to you as information becomes available.


There are a number of ongoing research projects and there may be more in the future. It is possible that you could - if you wanted to - help take part. Research is expensive so all contributions are gratefully received.


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