Support for sufferers and those close to them is very important to us.

Currently we have a regional support branches in the following areas

East Anglia based in Cambridge
Alastair Reid - Chairman


London based in University College London Hospital (UCLH)
Cyril Cleary - Chair

If you do not have a Support Network near you, have you thought about starting one up? Your gastroenterology department would hopefully help by contacting others with a similar condition to you. We could also provide them, or you, with posters and flyers to help raise awareness.

Setting up a regional network

Ideally you need the support of your gastroenterologist or specialist nurse. They have the database of Barrett's sufferers and they will have to send a letter on your behalf advising their patients of what you are doing and why. HCUK can provide the letter for your consultant/specialist nurse to send.

You should now have a group of people (a minimum of three but there is no maximum) who are as keen as you are to work along the following lines:

Raise public/medical and political awareness in your local area of heartburn and/or reflux and its link with Barrett's and oesophageal cancer.

Provide support to local sufferers and those connected with them.

Raise funds to make these aims possible and for local initiatives such as a piece of equipment for your gastroenterology department.

Raise funds to enable HCUK to achieve its objectives.

At this point you might like to consider forming a committee with a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Hon. Treasurer. HCUK will provide you with the 'Terms of Reference for Regional Groups' which as a charity we have a legal responsibility to follow.

How you raise awareness and funds is entirely up to your members, as long as you follow the charity branding and that it is legal! We will offer you support, publicity information and anything else you might need, just ask.


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