Oesophageal Cancer is the Sixth most common, Cancer in the UK 

  Late Diagnosis costs Lives

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BEST3 Trial led by HCUK Trustee and Director Prof Rebecca Fitzgerald
In Spring 2017, Cambridge University will be launching the BEST3 Trial led by HCUK Trustee and Director Prof Rebecca Fitzgerald. The new Trial is designed to find out whether offering the CytospongeTM test to patients at GP surgeries can increase the number of diagnoses of oesophageal pre-cancer, Barrett’s oesophagus compared to current practice.

120 practices across England will be taking part in the Trial. Practices will b erandomly allocated to either providing the CytospongeTM or carrying on treating their patients as normal, allowing the research team to compare diagnosis rates across arms. It is hoped that these results will pave the way for the introduction of the CytospongeTM into NHS clinical pathways for people with acid reflux and heartburn symptoms.

The HCUK Patient and Public Involvement Group have been actively involved in advising the research team on aspects of research design, patient-facing wording and well-being issues.

Dad's devastating diagnosis when his heartburn turned into cancer of the oesophagus. Retired accountant John Gorham was shocked when his acid reflux developed into something more sinister
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Why middle aged men should NEVER dismiss heartburn: Chas (of Chas & Dave) warns how his seemingly harmless symptoms turned out to be oesophageal cancer.
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Prof. Tim Underwood speaks at the NCRI meeting in Liverpool this month (November) on oesophageal cancer.

Cambridge scientists find 'sponge on a string' test could replace uncomfortable endoscopies The test can identify which people with Barrett’s oesophagus have a low risk of developing oesophageal cancer
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The Core-Derek Butler Fellowship
The Core - Derek Butler Three Year Fellowship For Research In The Sphere Of Upper Gastrointestinal Tract Diseases And Conditions. Please see below the link to the fellowship information and how to apply:

"The HCUK World Tour" is starting now
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Other Events and Challenges to Raise Money
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HCUK are pleased to support the NICE Quality Standard (QS96) on Dyspepsia and gastro-oesophageal reflux disorder (GORD) published today (21.7.15).

The quality standard can be viewed by following this link:

Core - the Digestive Disorders Foundation are putting on a FREE event in Sheffield on 23 September. More information can be found on their website:

HCUK Awareness Day December 2015
A full report of the day in London

Why Heartburn Cancer UK Exists

As a recognised and trusted authority in the field of Cancer of the Oesophagus, we know that with your help we can make significant inroads in the Prevention, Detection and Treatment of this disease by focussing on 5 key areas of action:  


Education leads to a lasting change. We are working hard to influence public and social policy, to lobby politicians, to campaign for change, to promote greater collaboration amonsgt the medical profession, the public and the government. We are already in the process of developing a network of effective partnerships with businesses, the pharmaceutical industry, medical professionals and other like-minded groups. We intend to affect change and influence how this disease is perceived, detected, diagnosed and treated.


Our aim is to significantly reduce incurable oesophageal cancer in the UK.

Our renowned medical professionals, all experts in the field of oesophageal cancer, will continue to play a key role in research and trials designed to reduce the incidence of this appalling disease.


Early detection rates are vital to ensure a positive outcome. We are creating a communication network to facilitate greater awareness of the importance of diagnosing the disease early, identifying the symptoms associated with the disease and seeking medical help quickly. Oesophageal cancer affects everyone regardless of their race, gender or age.


We will ensure consistent support is available to everyone affected by Barrett’s Oesophagus, regardless of who they are and where they live. Information and advice is available to all those affected by the disease and to the people who support them on our website or by telephone.

We need your help to bring this to the attention of your employees, friends & family or indeed anyone who might suffer from persistent heartburn!

You can make a difference perhaps you know someone who has suffered from persisitent heartburn, Barrett’s Oesophagus or Oesophageal Cancer. Perhaps you run an organisation and would like to help, why not make it your company’s corporate responsibility?


We are not content with standing still, we are determined to develop and grow a sustainable UK charity which continually re-invests to maximise the impact of its resources.

Working with UK businesses and voluntary organisation’s, our outward facing collaborative approach will ensure we are the first place to come to for reliable up to date information about Heartburn, Barrett’s and Oesophageal Cancer.

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All you need to know about Heartburn, Barrett's Oesophagus, Oesopageal Cancer. If you need support we can offer advice, please contact us on the "Ask our Doctor a Question" form, or you can join one of our Local Support Groups. You can also buy Heartburn Cancer UK Clothing and other HCUK Merchandise to help Raise Awarness and of course we would very much welcome a Donation to keep the charity able to carry on offering free advise and Raising Awareness, Changing the Future and Saving Lives.